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Mega - Website Development Company

Steps to Building Your Website

We work closely with you at the start to get the information we need. Then we do some work behind the scenes to create
your website and keep it up to date and running smoothly, for as long as you’re a customer! 

First you’ll fill out our simple online form to book a call with our team! It takes less than two minutes to do! 

Let’s make sure we’re right for each other. Keen to go ahead? You can pay right on our website and we’ll setup your design call!

We’ll ask you lots of (easy!) questions about you and your business, so we can design a site that accentuates your business!

Ready to see your name in lights? We will email you as soon as your website is ready.

You can tell us to tweak your website for you till it’s perfect! (You get unlimited updates!

We launch your site, manage all security updates, basic seo, & domain registration! 

Why Do I Need a Website for My Small Business?

Find Potential and Existing Customers

There’s no better way to find customers and work with existing ones than through your website! 

Interact with Customers

They can also connect with you through your website. Using email, contact forms, guest books, and even chat apps!

Reach Customers Globally

Potential customers could be  on the other side of the globe. Your website can help you get feedback about your new products and services, or even ship orders thousands of miles away!

More Affordable than Traditional Advertising

Traditional advertising is still relatively expensive – going digital can drastically reduces your spend!

Costs Have Decreased Significantly

It doesn’t have to cost thousands upon thousands of dollars to get a professional website anymore – at least not with Mega! 

A Digital Presence Has a Better ROI

We believe that an investment in a website has an immediate ROI! Can you say that about traditional advertising?

A Website is Easier to Be Kept Up to Date

The team at Mega is able to make changes to your website in a flash. Technology has evolved significantly in the past decade, so those clunky and time-consuming websites that used to be the bane of our existence, are no more! 

Keep Your Audience Up to Date

You’re able to share content through your blog, add photos, and make other changes just by letting us know! 

Increase Your Brand's Visiblity

As you grow, so will your brand? Want to change your logo? Change the color scheme? Maybe the layout? Let our team know and we’ll definitely help you! 

Find the Perfect Domain Name

You can easily search for a domain name for your business with our
domain name search tool!

Websites We've Built

These are actual websites that we’ve designed and built for 
some really great clients! 

Over 1200+
completed websites & counting.


Happy Clients


Team Members




Sites built in 2019

We build websites for businesses
all around the world

We're excited to be able to work with so many different clients
from all sorts of places around the globe!

  • Toronto, Canada
  • Cologne, Germany
  • London, England
  • Turino, Italy
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Tel Aviv, Israel

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