Say Hello to “Mega Websites”

Say goodbye “do it yourself,” and Hello to “do it for me!”

You know the deal:

As the internet continues to grow at unprecedented rates, it’s becoming more and more important to have an online presence you can be proud of. But as technology gets easier to use… it gets harder to understand.Who has the patience to figure out how to create a website these days? 

Enter Mega.
The “do it for me” website designer and builder.

More than 1,000 people across 50 industries have established themselves online with the help of a Mega website. Small businesses mostly, and lots of other people too. People with truckloads of passion for what they do. Basically, anyone who has better things to do with their time than stare blankly at a DIY website builder for hours on end… and better things to do with their money than cough up for an expensive website agency that charges them every time they need an update. 

It all started with our first website.

Back in 2017, our founder made a critical shift in the way he decided to build and sell websites to clients. Since then we’ve spent countless hours on the phone working with local small businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups! Our goal has always been to figure out how a website could help them grow their business. 

That’s how we know:

Millions of people across the world don’t want a slick-looking-but-hard-to-figure-out-under-the-hood tech platform to build their own website.

They want a practical means to an end, built by a pragmatic bunch of fellow doers and entrepreneurs!

What are small businesses all about?

  • People.
  • Conversations.
  • Relationships.

That’s why Mega is a people focused company first, and a technology company second.

We Are a 100%  Remote Company

We Are a 100% Remote Company

Our founder embraces a remote first philosophy and employs that throughout the company. There are no geographical bounds that Mega knows in terms of our team members. We work efficiently on our time in our own environments!  

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