Fantastic value based simple pricing.

We offer a very simple types of pricing plan for you to choose from!

Everything you need to get your website going is included in our website design package!

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per month, billed annually ($450)

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Our Process

The Mega Difference

The Mega Agency offers a “do it for me” website solution! You’re probably wondering what that means though right? 


(Do It Your Self: Cheap but hard)

  • Great for hobbyists
  • Requires a lot of time
  • Do your own website design
  • Write your own website code
  • Write your own website copy (great if you are a good writer!)
  • Setup & configure your own website hosting
  • Requires constant maintenance
  • Search the internet for help when you need it
  • Free or cheap


(Do It For Me: Good and affordable)

  • Great for small businesses looking for a professional website
  • Minimal time needed to start (Fill out our digital questionnaire)
  • Your site goes live within a few days
  • No technical skills required at all
  • Affordable monthly cost, better value yearly plan
  • Your website is made by professional designers & developers
  • All website copy written for you, by someone local to you
  • Tell us to update your website for you, anytime
  • We do the domain registration for you
  • We look after the web hosting for you


(Do It Your Self: Good but very expensive!)

  • Best for custom/bespoke websites, ecommerce, or special features
  • Pay by the hour or day, generally with 15% - 50% deposit up front
  • Average project cost $3500 - $8000 upwards
  • 1 to 6 month project duration
  • Website updates are usually charged on a per day or per hour rate
  • Your website is made by professional designers & developers
  • Website copy may be written for you, but you may need to hire a copywriter too
  • You might need to manage your domain registration
  • You might need to manage your own web hosting